IT3 Crate Used

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External Dimensions L:675 x W:575 x H:465mm
Litres 140
Weight 6.5kg
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You are currently viewing a USED crate. For new IT3’s click here

The IT3 Computer Crate is perfect for the packing and moving of a whole computer from one location to another. Designed to accommodate a flat screen, computer, mouse, keyboard and cables for transport in a safe and secure way. It features the same heavy duty plastic design, integrated lifting handles and interlocking lid as the larger IT6 computer crate used.

For added protection of electrostatic-sensitive equipment such as computers and their components we recommend our antistatic bubble-wrap. For added security use our crate security seals.

The IT6 and IT3 computer crate have the same footprint so they can be stacked together – IT3 on IT6 and vice versa. This is helpful when moving a lot of computers or servers at the same time.

IT3 Crate Dimensions:

Dimensions (External) @ Top: L: 675 x W: 575 x H: 465mm
@ Base: L: 575 x W: 485 x H: 465mm
Dimensions (Internal) @ Top: L: 640 x W: 535 x H: 445mm
@ Base: L: 565 x W: 475 x H: 445mm

Benefits of Used Crates

All our used crates are of a high quality, if there is damage to crates then they are simply recycled.

Our used crates go through a thorough cleaning process, so the crates will be in a very usable condition.

For Business

Used crates are good for companies that want to increase their pool of crates but on a tight budget, or where renting the crates will be over a sufficiently long period of time that buying is a better option – such as long term storage.

For Individuals

Individuals would usually hire crates for home moves or moving office etc but buying crates can be a good option when you are going to need the crates over extended periods of time; self-storage, renovations etc.
Our professional quality removal and storage crates are of a much higher quality than consumer-grade plastic boxes. Our plastic crates are also a much better storage option than cardboard for long periods due to their weatherproof, robust construction and stackable lidded design.

Used crates are a good idea for long term storage on a budget, where you can save money if you don’t need brand new crates.

  • As standard, this product has:
  • A built in label holder
  • A protected inset area for a permanent linear or 2D matrix label
  • Textured areas on the lids and front profiles for temporary self adhesive labels
  • A protected RFID tag slot
  • Option of manufacture with or without drainage holes
  • Option of manufacture with hot foil marking on both long sides
  • Uniquely designed lid for safe transit compatibility with the IT6 product
  • Flush lid nesting for minimal storage footprint

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Black, Blue, Green, Red

Dimensions (External)

@ Top: L: 675 x W: 575 x H: 465mm
@ Base: L: 575 x W: 485 x H: 465mm

Dimensions (Internal)

@ Top: L: 640 x W: 535 x H: 445mm
@ Base: L: 565 x W: 475 x H: 445mm






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