Welcome to Advanced Crates – Leaders in Crate Manufacturing

Advanced crates are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of crates, our products are used by the biggest and best commercial relocation companies in the UK.

We offer a wide range of services related to crate manufacturing and sales. If you need to purchase crates ASAP then we have a selection of pre-manufactured colours in stock for quick delivery. If you need a bespoke product that represents your company with company colours, logo, branding, website or phone number then we can personalise crates for you with whatever you need.

If you need any more information regarding the services we offer, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Bespoke Plastic Crate Manufacturing

We can make plastic crates specific to your needs, if you need them to match your company colours, or you have specific design requirement we can manufacture to your specification.

Personalised Plastic Crates

If you would like personalised crates with your company logo, website or phone number etc. we can help. We can personalise our bespoke manufactured crates, but also the standard new crates that we keep in stock.

Buy New Crates

Buy our high quality, beautifully designed crates. They feature all the benefits of the advanced crates design including:

  • Built in label holder
  • Protected inset area for a permanent linear or 2D matrix label
  • Textured areas on the lids and front profiles for temporary self adhesive labels
  • Protected RFID tag slot
  • Option of manufacture with or without drainage holes
  • Option of manufacture with hot foil marking on both long sides
  • Flush lid nesting for minimal storage footprint

Buy Used Crates

Our used or second-hand crates are perfect for those that want their own crate stock but are on a tight budget. These crates still have a lot of life left as we simply recycle crates when they are damaged. Buy used crates

Buy Recycled Crates

We pride ourselves on the eco-friendly qualities of our plastic removal and storage crates; they save on thousands of cardboard boxes every year. The nature of reusable transit packaging (RTP) is based on that of an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard. But when that’s not enough – you can even buy recycled crates.

Our recycled crates are only available in black due to the multiple-colours used in the recycling process.

Buy Handling Equipment

We also stock a range of manual handling equipment in our store including: Security roll cage, sack barrow and library trolley.

Buy Accessories

We also offer a range of accessories to compliment our plastic crates such as security cable ties/security seals, easy-peal labels,