Non-slip Skate/Dolly

£49.00 ex. VAT



The non slip skate or dolly is a staple of the commercial removals and relation industry as well as the logistics and distribution sector. It’s light weight and compact size make it an extremely handy and versatile piece of manual handling equipment, perfect for moving crates, desks or other furniture around the office.

The dolly or skate can be used to move crates that are empty or full without fear of the crates slipping on the surface if the dolly.

The non-slip skate features a rubberised surface that acts a cushion and protection as well as to increase grip and reduce slip.

Heavy duty castors for easy, free flowing, movement over many surfaces make this a great tool for moving.

Those these are often used for moving crates, they have been used in pairs or groups to move much larger items i.e., desks in office moves or wardrobes in house moves. It really is a great, versatile, piece of equipment.